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Man rapes girls at swimming pools and watches women undress

By Mason White 10:41 AM November 9, 2015
Anthony Crawford 

By: Tanya Malhotra
A man was arrested on a charge of sexual assault on a female after raping girls and spying on women at swimming pools, police in the United Kingdom said.

Now, 40-year-old Anthony Crawford of Luton, has been sentenced to serve 30 months in prison after being accused of raping girls and looking into the women’s changing room to watch women changing their clothes.

According to the police investigation, Crawford sexually assaulted two teenage girls in the changing area of the Aqua Vale Swimming Pool in Aylesbury.

Crawford was also accused of looking under the bottom of a changing room cubicle at a 19-year-old woman who was changing her clothes.

The girls were 15 and 16-years old at the time of the attack.

Crawford turned himself in to police and admitted to spying on the girls, but denied any sexual wrongdoing or inappropriate conduct.

However, a jury found him guilty of assaulting a female aged 13 and over by penetration, sexual assault on a female and observing a person doing a private act.