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Student steals school bus to get to school on time for final exam

By Mason White 3:31 AM November 10, 2015
Le-Aan Adonis 

By: Chan Yuan
A student who was angry that his school bus hasn’t arrived on time for him to get to school to take the final exam, decided to steal the bus and drive himself and other students to school, police in South Africa said.

Western Cape police said that they have detained 20-year-old Le-Aan Adonis, after being accused of driving the school bus to school because the driver failed to show up on time.

Adonis found the keys on the bus. Other students said that they asked Adonis to drive to school because they knew he could handle a bus.

Police officers stopped the bus a short distance from the school. Adonis received as fine of $361. Adonis is also facing disciplinary hearing at school.

The students arrive in time for the final exam. Some parents are saying that Adonis is a hero, and they offered to pay for his legal fees.