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8-year-old girl caught trying to smoke marijuana in school bathroom

By Mason White 4:56 PM November 10, 2015
Marijuana illustration 

By: Mahesh Sarin
(Scroll down for video) School officials were shocked to learn that one of their young students attempted to smoke marijuana in a school bathroom.

The 8-year-old girl of Ohio, was caught after she lit the baggie containing marijuana on fire at the Pataskala Elementary School bathroom.

A school employee found the 8-year-old girl with marijuana and a lighter, according to the Pataskala Police Department.

After being caught, the girl flushed the marijuana down the toilet, according to the report. The student also attempted to get rid of the baggie and the cigarette lighter by throwing it into a garbage can.

The school’s principal called police, and the student was suspended for 3 days. Police officers allegedly recovered a small amount of marijuana and the lighter.

Police are also trying to determine who gave the drugs to the student. Child protection services were notified of the case.

The family of the girl said that she was set up by another little girl. They claim that another child handed her the marijuana and the lighter on the bus and told her how to use it.

Police said that they will review surveillance video from the school bus.