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Woman steals baby from hospital to extort her former boyfriend

By Mason White 6:02 PM November 10, 2015
The mother (left) Isadora Yesica Acevedo with baby 

By: Chan Yuan
(Scroll down for video) A mother was horrified after she was notified by a hospital that her baby went missing.

Police arrested Isadora Yesica Acevedo of Argentina, after she abducted the baby from the maternity ward of a hospital and then demanded money from her former boyfriend, claiming that she gave birth to his child.

Acevedo slipped past security guards at the Masvernat Hospital in Concordia, before snatching the sleeping baby who was wrapped in a blanket.

Police said that the child was born 12 hours before being kidnapped.
Acevedo was caught after surveillance video showed her taking the child from the hospital before fleeing in a waiting car, police said.

Hospital staff called police after realizing that the baby was missing. Officials identified the vehicle, which led them to Acevedo two hours after the child’s disappearance.

Acevedo was arrested and the baby returned unharmed to her distraught mother.

Police said that Acevedo had been demanding money from her former boyfriend after claiming that she gave birth to his child.
The man was skeptical that he had a daughter with his former girlfriend.

She allegedly abducted the baby to be able to prove to the man that she had a child.