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New app High There allows people who love to smoke marijuana find romance

By Mason White 3:36 AM November 13, 2015
Profiles on High There 

By: Mahesh Sarin
(Scroll down for video) Those who love to smoke marijuana, can now find romance with like-minded people thanks to a new app called High There.

High There works just like the Tinder app by finding people in the area who like to smoke marijuana and matching them up.

After users create their profile and look through potential matches nearby. The app asks users to fill out their profile based on their use of marijuana as well as how they prefer to consume the drug.

The app then finds other people with similar smoking habits.

The CEO of High There, Todd Mitchem, said that he created the app after his Tinder date dumped him because she found out he smokes marijuana.

The app is free, but it is only available in those states where smoking marijuana is legal.

The co-founder of High There, Darren Roberts, said that the app connects people who have a common interest of smoking marijuana.