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Cyclist forcibly touches the backsides of 15 women at Central Michigan University

By Mason White 10:48 AM November 12, 2015
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By: Wayne Morin
Police arrested a cyclist on a charge of sexual assault after allegedly forcibly touching numerous women on the campus of the Central Michigan University, police in Mount Pleasant said.

23-year-old Matthew R. Berlin was arrested after being accused of touching the behinds of 14 women as he rode on his bicycle on campus.

Berlin was charged with 14 counts of 4th-degree criminal sexual conduct. In court, Berlin pleaded not guilty to the charges. He was booked into jail, and his bail was set at $14,000.

If convicted, Berlin faces up to two years in prison and a fine of up to $500.

According to the police investigation, a woman called the police on Wednesday, to say that when she heading to class, Berlin touched her behind while riding passed her.

Since then, additional women contacted the police to report similar attacks while walking on campus. Berlin is a student at the Central Michigan University.