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Dog sets pizza on fire after attempting to steal it from stove top

By Mason White 4:24 PM November 12, 2015
The dog 

By: Chan Yuan
(Scroll down for video) A family’s dog nearly set the house on fire after attempting to steal pizza, which was on the stove top.

The family of Connecticut, said that they were entertaining guests in another room, and were unaware of the trouble their dog has caused in their kitchen.

The couple has three dogs. Their two-year-old black female Labrador decided to take a slice of pizza, but also unintentionally ignited the gas burner of the stove.

The owners entered the kitchen to find the box of pizza on fire. Fortunately, they were able to put out the fire before it turned deadly.

The video was captured by the couple’s home surveillance cameras. They uploaded the video of the incident to YouTube.

“Luckily, we had it on video and know who to blame! Lol,” they wrote in the description of the video.

“Let this serve as a gentle reminder not to place items on your stove top and also to carefully choose the placement of your fire detectors,” they added.

“We now also have child safety locks on our stove knobs. With Labradors, you just never know,” they said.