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Transgender man’s bloated stomach turns out to be baby bump

By Mason White 11:38 AM November 15, 2015
Kayden Coleman 

By: Tanya Malhotra
(Scroll down for video) A transgender man was shocked to learn that he was pregnant after gaining wait.

29-year-old Kayden Coleman is a transgender man of Florida.

He has been taking male hormones for five years. He has facial hair and was about to have a double mastectomy when he realized he had put on weight.

Coleman thought that it was due to lack of exercise before he learned that he was pregnant. Kayden became pregnant with his husband Elias, 27.

The two said that Coleman became pregnant when he had taken a break from the hormones so he can have the mastectomy.

Coleman admitted that it took time for him to process the fact that he was carrying a baby, but when he gave birth and held the baby, he was overjoyed.

He was in­­duced at nine months because he had high blood pressure and he was in labor for four days. He gave birth to a baby girl named Azaelia, who is now 22 months old, and the couple said that they could not be happier.

Below is a video of Coleman spending time with his daughter Azaelia.

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She so rude lolPosted by Kayden X Coleman on Saturday, November 14, 2015