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Husband walks into bathroom and finds his wife having sex with tenant

By Mason White 6:53 PM November 16, 2015
Couple having sex illustration 

By: Wayne Morin
A husband in Zimbabwe, was shocked to see his wife having sex with her tenant in the bathroom of their home.

The incident unfolded in Rujeko, in the home of Chingwa Shield.

Shield said that he was watching TV at home with his wife Mia, when she excused herself to the bathroom. Shields did not know that his wife just received a text message from her tenant, with whom she was having an affair.

Mia told him to meet her in the bathroom of their home. When his wife was gone for an unusual long time, Shield went to check up on her in the bathroom.

He knocked on the door, but his wife refused to open. Shield became suspicious and broke down the door. That is when he caught his wife red handed having sex with her tenant.