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Man wearing tuxedo seen having sex with woman on train platform

By Mason White 3:25 PM November 16, 2015
The couple having sex 

By: Feng Qian
A couple was seen on video having sex on a train platform in Germany.

Early morning travelers in Berlin, were shocked to see a couple having sex in the train station.

One witness took a video with a cellphone and uploaded it to the Internet, where it has gone viral.

When the couple realized they were being recorded, he raised his middle finger at the camera and continued his sexual act.

Video surveillance from the Schoenleinstrasse train station showed the woman leaning against the wall with her skirt pulled up.

The man was wearing a tuxedo and the woman an elegant dress. Despite seeing the video, police said that they will not be investigating the incident since no one filed a complaint.

The video was viewed over 190,000 times since it was uploaded to LiveLeak.