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17-year-old girl kills herself after her brother yelled at her for becoming pregnant

By Mason White 6:00 PM November 18, 2015
Pregnant woman illustration 

By: Chan Yuan
A girl killed herself because her brother yelled at her for becoming pregnant, police in Nigeria said.

Bwari police said that 17-year-old Aisha Usman, committed suicide after her brother, Kabiru Usman, refused to accept the fact that his sister was pregnant.

The girl’s father, Malam Usman Danladi, described the death of his daughter as disturbing and heartbreaking.

According to the police investigation, the mother of Kabiru Usman, called him at work to say that Aisha Usman was pregnant.

He rushed home and beat his sister. She ran out of the home and went to a nearby garage. Kabiru Usman went after her, but found that the door is locked.

Kabiru Usman banged on the door, and when she did not open, he forced it open. Inside, he found his sister lying dead on the floor next to an empty fertilizer bottle.

The mother of the girl, Malama Sumayyah Usman, said that she won’t cry at her daughter’s funeral because she caused great shame to her family by becoming pregnant.