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Stupid thief steals iPad from police headquarters

By Mason White 5:56 PM November 19, 2015
William Kyle Rossignol 

By: Wayne Morin
Police in Florida, arrested a stupid thief who stole an iPad inside police headquarters.

Ben Tobias of the Gainesville Police Department, said that he hosted the Citizen’s Academy meeting in the Hall of Heroes inside GPD headquarters when the theft occurred.

The class had gone out of the room to see a demonstration, during which time one participant stole the iPad, according to Tobias.

Police reviewed surveillance videos after another participant complained that the iPad went missing.

William Kyle Rossignol was seen going back into the room while it was empty and taking the device.

Tobias arrested Rossignol, who allegedly admitted to stealing the iPad. He took the officers to the location where he hid the iPad. Police said that it was hidden under a stone.

Tobias said that this is the first time someone stole something from the police headquarters especially since their is video surveillance throughout the building.

Rossignol was charged with felony grand theft.