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Man forces girlfriend to hold his kids while he shot and killed them and their grandfather

By Mason White 11:21 AM November 20, 2015
Gawain Rushane Wilson and Megan Rose Hiatt
with their twins 

By: Wayne Morin
A woman is devastated after her boyfriend, a former U.S. military man, shot and killed her young children while they were in her arms.

Police said that Gawain Rushane Wilson, 28, entered his home in Jacksonville, Florida, and ordered his girlfriend to hold their five-month-old twins.

While Megan Rose Hiatt, 22, held her twin babies Hayden Rose Hiatt and Kayden Reese Hiatt, he shot them multiple times. He then shot her father Travis Hiatt, 49.

Megan Rose Hiatt said that as her father was dying, he asked her to tell her children that he loves them. Sadly, the twins did not survive.

After killing his 5-month-old babies and Mr. Hiatt, Wilson turned the gun on himself. Hiatt is the only survivor of the shooting and is now in critical condition.

Her mother, Melissa Bateh, said that Wilson “wanted to destroy her daughter’s world and he wanted her to watch it be destroyed.”

Megan Rose Hiatt was injured when she was shot at least five times, while Wilson killed the babies in her arms.

Bateh said that her daughter wants to spread her story. Megan Rose Hiatt said that Wilson had been verbally abusive towards her for months.

He called her fat after she had given birth to the twins and he often broke things in the house when he was angry. However, Wilson never physically abused his girlfriend.