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Elderly couple holds thief at gunpoint to prevent him from driving away with their stolen items

By Mason White 11:26 AM November 24, 2015
Aaron Lujan 

By: Wayne Morin
(Scroll down for video) Police arrested a man while he was being held at gunpoint by two elderly people.

The suspect of New Mexico, was still wearing his ID bracelet from an arrest earlier in the day. He was charged with burglary for an unrelated incident.

26-year-old Aaron Lujan was released from jail on Thursday, but hours later, he was caught loading stolen items into a stolen car in Albuquerque.

A 70-year-old man saw Lujan take his belongings and place them into the vehicle. The man attempted to talk to Lujan, but was ignored.

The man then went back into his house and armed himself with a shotgun. He told his 66-year-old wife about the thief and she grabbed a handgun.

The couple confronted Lujan, and held him at gunpoint close to the car until police arrived. The officers’ body cameras recorded the suspect cowering on the floor near the car.

He admitted to police that he was released from prison just hours before stealing the couple’s belongings which included, a generator, tools and the couple’s car keys.

The couple’s friend said that the 70-year-old man is an army veteran and his wife likes hunting.