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Groom beats wedding crasher for catching garter belt

By Mason White 6:33 PM November 23, 2015
Bride holding garter belt 

By: Tanya Malhotra
(Scroll down for video) A groom was arrested during his wedding for beating an uninvited guest.

The victim, Kris Belman of California, told police that he was at a friend’s wedding, where he was the best man.

The wedding was held at the Los Verdes Golf and Country Club.

He was dressed in a tuxedo and he had a good time at the wedding. After consuming many drinks, he decided to stay at the Country Club for the next wedding even though he was not invited.

Belman posed for pictures with the smiling groom, Jeffrey Gage, 32, and his bride.

During the wedding ceremony, he managed to catch the bride’s garter. That is when the wedding coordinator approached Belman and asked him “who are you here with,” according to Sgt. Donald Rubio with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

When he had no answer, he was escorted out of the hall.
When the groom realized that he was a wedding crasher, he and his friend Phillip Daro, 30, beat Belman. They punched him in the face and body and caused an injury to his nose.

Belman was taken to the Torrance Memorial hospital, where he was treated and received seven stitches on his nose.

Traditionally, the person who catches the wedding garter belt is supposed to be the next person to get married. All the single men get together to try to catch the garter belt and then, whoever catches it, is supposed to pass it onto their future bride.