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Man named ‘Cookie Monster’ for robbing 30 fast-food restaurants and demanding cookies

By Mason White 11:29 AM November 24, 2015
Eugene Bradshaw 

By: Chan Yuan
A man was arrested after being linked to 30 armed robberies during which he demanded cookies along with cash.

Police in Texas, have arrested the man who was named the “Cookie Monster,” after demanding cookies during armed robberies.

24-year-old Eugene Bradshaw is accused of robbing over 30 fast-food restaurants, and he often demanded cookies to be handed over to him along with cash, police said.

Bradshaw and his accomplice Kristy George, 34, were arrested on a charge of armed robbery with a deadly weapon in 33 cases in the last two months.

The robberies took place in the Houston area, according to the Harris County Sheriff’s Office.

Surveillance video of some of the robberies, showed Bradshaw walking into the restaurants with a bag in his hand. He told restaurant employees that he has a gun in his pocket and demanded cash and cookies before fleeing, police said.