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Prison inmates mold gun using soap and toilet paper to escape from jail

By Mason White 3:42 AM November 25, 2015
Inmates’ fake gun made from soap and toilet paper 

By: Chan Yuan
(Scroll down for video) Two prison inmates were charged with attempted escape after allegedly molding a gun from soap and toilet paper in an attempt to escape from jail, police in Louisiana said.

Officials at the Lafourche Parish Detention Center, said that 49-year-old Troy Benner and 32-year-old Treiston Pierron, planned to escape from prison using an improvised gun molded from soap and toilet paper.

During a raid of the suspects’ prison cells, officers found keys from handcuffs that was dropped by a guard. According to the police investigation, Benner was the mastermind behind the plot and made the makeshift weapon.

Pierron had knowledge of Benner’s activity and helped him plan the escape attempt. The two inmates were charged with attempted escape.

Benner’s bail was raised to $400,000 while Pierron’s bail was reset at $300,000.