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University professor removed from class after saying n****r during discussion

By Mason White 3:46 AM November 25, 2015
Andrea Quenette 

By: Tanya Malhotra
(Scroll down for video) A university professor in Kansas, was removed from class after using a racial slur during a heated discussion about race.

33-year-old Andrea Quenette, a teacher at the University of Kansas, was slapped with a discrimination complaint after saying the word n****r in class in front of students.

Officials at the university said that they are investigating the discrimination complaint against Quenette.

The assistant professor of communication studies, said that she was notified on Friday morning, that five students filed the discrimination complaint against her.

She requested a leave of absence, and the school vowed that she will remain off campus until the investigation is completed.

Quenette used the racial slur class on Thursday, after a heated town hall forum about race. Quenette apologized and said that she did not intend to offend anyone.

Quenette worked at the university for two years.