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Woman beats up restaurant manager because she was upset about her hot dog

By Mason White 6:59 PM November 25, 2015
Jennifer Rider 

By: Feng Qian
A woman was arrested on a charge of assault after allegedly beating up a restaurant manager because she did not like the way her hot dog was prepared, police in Florida said.

Tavares police said that they have arrested 39-year-old Jennifer Rider, after being accused of assaulting the manager of the Checkers restaurant because she was upset about the way her hot dog was prepared.

Rider was charged with aggravated assault, battery, criminal mischief, disorderly intoxication and child abuse. Rider was booked into the Lake County jail.

According to the police investigation, Rider entered the drive-thru of the Checkers restaurant early on Sunday, and was told to wait in the parking lot for her food.

After 10 minutes, her young son became impatient and told Rider to go inside to get the food.

The manager of the restaurant, Elizabeth Edmond, offered to prepare a fresh hot dog, but Rider started hurling racial slurs and told her to dance for her money.

Rider then took scissors and tried to stab the manager. Rider broke the cash register and jumped over the counter before hitting Edmond in the face.

Police officers who arrived at the scene, smelled alcohol on her breath and she could not keep her balance. An officer found liquid in a plastic cup that smelled of alcohol.