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Airline workers seen using luggage to play tossing game on runway

By Mason White 7:18 PM November 26, 2015
Suitcase illustration 

By: Mahesh Sarin
(Scroll down for video) An airline passenger was horrified to see airline employees in California, playing games with luggage.

The passenger at the San Jose International Airport, recorded a video of the workers, throwing the luggage as though they were bean bags.

The luggage seemed to be tossed in a game, where workers attempted to test how far they can throw them. Employees seemed to be cheering one another.

The man uploaded the video to Southwest Airlines’ Facebook page and asked if that was how they treat all of their customers’ luggage. He wrote: “Southwest, is this how you treat all our bags?”

Southwest Airlines promised to investigate the incident. They discovered that the employees in the video did not work for them.

A spokesperson for Alaska Airlines, which shares the terminal with Southwest, admitted that the people seen in the video playing games with the suitcases, are their employees.

The spokesperson said that the luggage was dummy bags full of magazines.