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Good-looking school chef hangs herself days before going on trial for beating her father-in-law

By Mason White 4:43 PM November 30, 2015
Sarah Jane Hankins 

By: Tanya Malhotra
A good-looking school chef was found dead just days before going on trial for beating her elderly father-in-law, a court in the United Kingdom heard.

47-year-old Sarah Jane Hankins of Wiltshire, committed suicide by hanging herself because she couldn’t handle the stress of a criminal trial and possible jail sentence.

Hankins’ husband, 54-year-old Gary Hankins, said that his wife denied assaulting his father, 81-year-old Geoffrey Hankins.

Sarah Jane Hankins, a mother of two children, was found dead in the bedroom of her home.

Gary Hankins blamed her suicide on prosecutors because they refused to drop the charge of assault against his wife despite the fact that she was a school chef and she took care of children with autism.

Sarah Jane Hankins was worried about what people would think of her if she is found guilty of assault, according to her notes that were found in her home.

The day before her death, Sarah Jane Hankins prepared food at the Grateley House School, and played games with students.

Geoffrey Hankins said that he did not press charges against his daughter-in-law.