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Naughty Santa Claus steals helicopter during joyride

By Mason White 8:48 AM November 30, 2015
Santa Claus illustration 

By: Wayne Morin
Police are looking to arrest a man dressed as Santa Claus, after being accused of stealing a helicopter during a joyride, police in Brazil said.

Sao Paulo police said that the suspect hired a pilot and rented the helicopter for a joyride after conspiring with another man to steal it.

He told the pilot that he needed to surprise a group of adults and children at a party.

According to the police investigation, Santa Claus hired the pilot on Friday night at the Campo Marte airport. During the flight, Santa Claus forced the pilot to fly the Robinson model 44, to a small farm and land the aircraft.

Another man was waiting for them, and the two tied up the pilot before flying away from the scene. After several hours, the pilot managed to escape and call the police.

So far, police have not found the helicopter or the naughty Santa Claus.