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Mother jailed after her 12-year-old son killed an 8-year-old boy for no reason

By Mason White 3:08 PM December 1, 2015
Anita and her son Jamarion Lawhorn 

By: Tanya Malhotra
(Scroll down for video) A mother was arrested, charged and convicted of child abuse after her son killed a younger boy for no reason.

Anita Lawhorn of Michigan, was sentenced to one year in prison after her 12-year-old son stabbed another boy to death in a playground.

Jamarion Lawhorn murdered 8-year-old Connor Verkerke, by stabbing him four times in the back with a knife.

Despite his age, he was charged with first-degree murder. Jamarion allegedly told police that he killed the boy because he was fed up with life.

Sadly, police learned that his mother had a long history of abusing her children. She and her boyfriend tested positive for drugs, and their home was not appropriate for children, police said.

Jamarion had bruises on his body, and he told police that they were caused by his mother’s boyfriend Bernard Harrold.

A judge has sentenced Lawhorn and Harrold to one year in prison followed by five years probation for the abuse.

The court heard that Lawhorn, had a history of child abuse. In 1996, she lost custody of her two daughters after police found her 1-year-old daughter with four broken bones and her 3-year-old child with cigarette burns on his chest.

In 2004, she was again investigated for abuse. However, the children were not removed from the home. The couple was ordered to take parenting classes.