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Obese woman angry after getting greeting card calling her fat and ugly

By Mason White 4:29 PM December 1, 2015
Kara Florish and the card 

By: Chan Yuan
(Scroll down for video) An overweight woman in the United Kingdom, is extremely angry after getting a card by the Overweight Haters company, stating that she is an ugly and fat woman.

Kara Florish of London, was traveling on a train when she was slapped with the card.

Overweight Haters Ltd hates fat people, especially obese women. They launched a campaign to shame women into losing weight by restricting the amount of food they consume.

The card that Florish received, reads: “Our organization hates and resents fat people. We object to the enormous amount of food resources you consume while half the world starves.

“We disapprove of you wasting NHS money to treat your selfish greed. We do not understand why you fail to grasp that by eating less you will be better off, slimmer, happy and find a partner who is not perverted.

“We also object that the term beautiful pig is used as an insult. You are not a pig. You are a fat and ugly human.”

Florish called the note from Overweight Haters cowardly and hateful.

Police warned those who are behind the campaign, that they are facing arrest due to antisocial behavior as nobody has the right to make passengers feel uncomfortable.