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Activists shame racist Facebook commenters by putting the insulting comments on billboards near their homes

By Mason White 2:33 PM December 2, 2015
One of the shaming posters 

By: Chan Yuan
People are applauding activists for publicly shaming people who make racist comments online.

While many people would not make racist comments in public, they do so while hiding behind their computer.

However, activists now want to stop the racist comments by publicly shaming these people and exposing them to their neighbors. The shaming campaign began with racist social media insults against a black weather woman in Brazil.

Jurema Werneck, who works for Criola, an organization that advocates for black women, said that they decided to take action after people wrote racist remarks against TV meteorologist Maria Julia Coutinho. They started the “Virtual Racism, Real Consequences” campaign.

The organization create posters of the racist comments. They obscure the names and faces of those who wrote the racist comments. However, they announce that the racists live in homes nearby.