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Jealous husband burns himself while trying to torch car of his wife’s secret lover

By Mason White 5:52 PM December 2, 2015
Car on fire illustration 

By: Wayne Morin
A jealous husband accidentally set himself on fire while trying to torch the car of his wife’s secret lover, police in Zimbabwe said.

Harare police said that they have arrested Munyaradzi Nyandoro, after being accused of engaging in a high-speed chase with Tendai Mujakachi, before burning his car and himself because he suspected him of having a sexual relationship with his wife Stella.

He was charged with one count of malicious damage to property.

According to the police investigation, when Nyandoro learned that Mujakachi was having a sexual relationship with Stella, he used his wife’s phone to lure him to his home.

Nyandoro posed as Stella, and sent a message to Mujakachi, stating that he should come over to the home. When Mujakachi arrived, Nyandoro tried to attack him, but he quickly fled from the scene with his car.

Nyandoro quickly chased after him and the two were engaged in a high-speed chase. At some point, Mujakachi’s car became disabled, and he fled on foot.

Nyandoro quickly went to a nearby gas station and bought a container of gasoline. He then doused Mujakachi’s car with gasoline and set it on fire.

However, Nyandoro suffered severe burns to his face, chest and hands. Nyandoro was taken to the Parirenyatwa Hospital, where he is said to be in stable condition.