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Man steals car to pick up girlfriend from jail and parks it at police station

By Mason White 11:35 AM December 2, 2015
Stolen car parked at police station 

By: Wayne Morin
(Scroll down for video) A man was arrested on a charge of theft after allegedly stealing a car from a hotel parking lot in order to pick up his girlfriend from jail, police in Arizona said.

The Tempe Police Department said that they have arrested Miguel Redshirt, after being accused of stealing a pick-up truck to pick up his girlfriend, Lavina Jackson, who was in jail for assault after getting into a fight with her boyfriend.

Redshirt denied the allegations, saying that he borrowed the truck. He was booked into jail after being charged with one count of theft.

According to the police investigation, an officer who was equipped with a license plate reader, noticed the truck outside the Tempe Police Department on Monday.

The officer scanned the plate and learned that the truck was stolen. The truck was reported stolen from a hotel in Phoenix on Sunday night.

The truck was returned to its owner and Redshirt was placed behind bars.