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Obeses bride has hard time finding wedding dress and consummating her marriage

By Mason White 2:02 PM December 2, 2015
Lin Yue and Deng Yang 

By: Wayne Morin
An obese woman had a rude awakening when she attempted to find the perfect dress for her wedding.

30-year-old Deng Yang of Changchun, China, was disappointed when she was unable to find a wedding dress to fit her massive body.

However, she was devastated when she married the love of her life Lin Yue, 30, but they were unable to consummate their marriage because they are both obese.

The couple, who weigh a total of 882 pounds, have admitted that their bulging stomachs made having sex physically impossible.

The food-loving couple described themselves as being as wide as they are tall. In their quest to have children, the couple have decided to undergo gastric bypass surgery.