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Small dog swallows 10 hearing aid batteries belonging to its owners

By Mason White 11:36 AM December 2, 2015
Cathy and Jim Barnard with their dog 

By: Chan Yuan
(Scroll down for video) A small dog was rushed to an animal hospital and underwent emergency surgery after swallowing ten hearing aid batteries belonging to its owners in Texas.

Cathy and Jim Barnard of Willowbrook, said that their 7-pound dog named Boogie, chewed on the package and swallowed ten batteries.

After learning that their dog ate the batteries, the couple immediately took their 1-year-old puppy to Dr. Carissa Blair at the North Houston Veterinary Specialists.

Blair told the couple that the dog needed surgery as removing the batteries by inducing vomiting could leave burns in the esophagus.

Digestive fluids can decompose the batteries, causing harmful acids to be released. After consulting with the Barnards, Blair surgically removed the batteries, and Boogie was went home.

This was not the first time that the dog caused trouble. Several months ago, Boogie became ill after eating too much popcorn.