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Teacher gets $1,000 fine for covering swastikas with black paint

By Mason White 11:28 AM December 2, 2015
Swastikas illustration 

By: Tanya Malhotra
A teacher in Germany, was shocked to receive a fine of more than $1,000 for covering up swastikas with black paint on public property.

Ralf Bender of Hesse, decided to take matters into his own hands after complaining repeatedly about swastikas in the vicinity of his school.

After officials took no action to remove the swastikas, Bender took a can of black spray paint and covered the hateful symbols.

As a result, the city has ordered Bender to pay a fine of 1,000 euros ($1,061) in order to cover the cleaning expenses. Bender fought the fine, but a court upheld the city’s demands.

Surprisingly, Bender has been getting death threats ever since the matter became public, forcing him to take safety measures at home.

Bender is not backing down, and promised to take his case all the way to the country’s highest court.