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Wife allows 60-year-old pastor to marry 19-year-old pregnant girlfriend

By Mason White 11:38 AM December 2, 2015
Thom and Belinda Miller with Reba Kerfootruba 

By: Feng Qian
(Scroll down for video) The wife of a pastor in Ohio, publicly voiced her support for her husband to marry his 19-year-old pregnant girlfriend.

60-year-old Thom Miller of Mansfield, met his first wife, 44-year-old Belinda Miller, eight years ago.

Belinda had 7 children from a previous marriage. After Thom discussed polygamy with Belinda, she suggested finding another woman to be part of the family.

Then she decided to welcome 19-year-old Reba Kerfootruba to their family.

The pastor and his wife first met Kerfootruba while she volunteered at church, and she moved into their home several weeks later.

Belinda said that she allowed her husband to marry another woman because it’s like having a sister around all the time. The couple married in the church, seven years after Thom married Belinda.

The pastor is now fighting that the state recognize the marriage to his second wife the same way same sex marriages are recognized.

The three believe that the Bible supports polygamy. The pastor revealed that he shares his room with only one wife at a time.

Thom served seven years in prison for stabbing a man during a fight in a bar. He turned his life around by reading the Bible.