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Company rents out good-looking men to lonely women for sleepovers

By Mason White 3:53 AM December 4, 2015
Rose Sheep men 

By: Chan Yuan
Lonely women can now rent good-looking guys to sleep with them and keep them company overnight, thanks to a company in Japan.

Rose Sheep, which is based in Tokyo, offers lonely women a shoulder to cry on and arms to sleep in.

The company promises that all men are between the ages of 20 and 30. For a fee, Rose Sheep, sends one of its employees to sleep with a lonely woman.

The company stresses that they are not a prostitution service.

After meeting with the man, he will lie down next to the woman while she sleeps, allowing her to rest the head on his chest with his reassuring arm around her.

Prices vary depending on the length of the services requested.

Short-term packages start at $170 for two hours and $340 for four hours. Overnight stays can cost up to $800. The men will also be happy to eat or drink with customers, and even cook if requested.

The men are required to listen the customers complain about their jobs or vent about problems in their personal lives. Rose Sheep targets women their 30s and 40s.

The company also allows customers to hire two men at the same time, but at twice the cost.