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Father found with 50 nude photos of daughter found not guilty as it was taken with consent

By Mason White 2:55 PM December 3, 2015
Family photo illustration 

By: Mahesh Sarin
Police in Australia, arrested a father after he was found to be in possession of his daughter’s nude photos.

The father was charged with possession of child abuse material after police found 50 nude photos of his daughter when she was a young girl.

In court, the man of Alice Springs, was found not guilty on Thursday, after a judge ruled that his family had a “relaxed attitude” to nudity and that he had not committed a crime.

Police learned of the nude photos after responding to a break-in at his home. During the investigation, officers noticed a framed picture of a 7-year-old girl with her backside exposed.

The photo was taken 25 year ago and was hanging in the family’s hallway. Police later returned with a search warrant and found 50 nude photos of the man’s daughter.

The search took four hours, and the police seized a number of nude and partially nude photos of the man’s children. Police also saw nude photos of his wife and himself.

The man’s daughter testified in court that all the nude photos of her were taken with her consent.

Magistrate Greg Borchers, who ruled that the man was not guilty, said that two photos which were taken showing her nipples “were in bad taste.”

However, he ruled that the photos were not sexually offensive and does not constitute as child abuse material.

Borchers said the man’s wife and two children were “not shy about nudity in the company of each other at home and away from home.”

The defendant said in his testimony that the photos were not taken for the benefit of anyone other than the family.