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6-year-old girl kidnapped by traffickers before being cut up to sell her organs

By Mason White 6:48 PM December 3, 2015
Blanca Digna Lopez 

By: Wayne Morin
Police are looking to arrest a gang of kidnappers after one suspect admitted to police that they kidnapped a young girl and cut up her body in order to sell her organs, police in Colombia said.

Buesaco police said that the suspect recently confessed to the crime, saying that the girl had been sold so that her organs can be harvested.

According to the police investigation, 6-year-old Paula Nicole Palacios Narvaez was kidnapped as she left school one day last year.

So far, police have managed to capture five people involved in the kidnapping.

One suspect, 52-year-old Jose German Paguatian Insandara, told investigators that Blanca Digna Lopez, the female leader of the gang, planned the kidnapping.

Erwin David Quintero Martinez was also arrested in connection with the kidnapping. Insandara told investigators that Lopez was into child trafficking.

Lopez allegedly offered him $18,000 for each child he manages to kidnap. Insandara also described the details of the kidnapping.

Lopez stood outside the school and motioned to Insandara when she saw the girl. Insandara and several women grabbed the girl and put her in a car.

They then drove the girl to a secret location and handed her over to traffickers. Lopez told investigators that since the girl’s family owed her money, she decided to kidnap her and sell her for cash.