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Police officers refuse to arrest female shoplifter because she stole items to make kids birthday cake

By Mason White 11:19 AM December 3, 2015
Officer Michael Kotsonis (center) 

By: Wayne Morin
A police officer in New Hampshire, refused to arrest a mother for shoplifting and instead paid for her stolen items.

The police officer responded to a store after employees reported that a woman shoplifted several items.

Officer Michael Kotsonis, who served on the force for 19 years, responded to the shoplifting incident at Ocean State Job Lots.

Kotsonis explained that after investigating the theft and learning the woman’s identity, he went to her home to recover the stolen items.

However, after learning that the woman just wanted to make her child a birthday cake, he refused to take the stolen items away from her.

The stolen items included cake mix, shortening, and a couple of frostings, according to police.

Instead of arresting the woman, the officer took the stolen items back to the store, paid for it with his own money and then returned it to the suspect.

Kotsonis said that the mother’s actions were not right, but “ I am not going to take away a kid’s birthday cake,” he said.