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5 11-year-old students found with explosives planned to blow up their school

By Mason White 10:59 AM December 4, 2015
Bomb making materials illustration  

By: Tanya Malhotra
(Scroll down for video) Many people in New Jersey, were shocked to learn about the arrest of 5 young students.

Police in Clifton, arrested 5 fifth-graders after school officials found evidence that they were planning to detonate explosives in their high school.

School administrators discovered the plan, but they did not disclose how they learned of the plot.

The 11-year-old children were arrested and later released into the custody of their parents, but they were all suspended from school, police confirmed.

Police also found a device, but no explosives inside. However, they said that they found bomb making materials at the school.
It is believed that the explosion was to take place in the afternoon during a school assembly at the Clifton High School.

According to police, the children intended to cause harm and this was not a prank.