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Couple leaves 3-year-old daughter behind in store instead of paying $3 for a bottle the child broke

By Mason White 11:04 AM December 4, 2015
Mother reunited with her daughter 

By: Wayne Morin
Parents in China, left their daughter in a store for 9 hours, after the store owner demanded they pay for an item that the child broke.

Many stores have a policy which states: “if you break it you bought it.” However, one couple refused to abide by the rule.

The parents were shopping at a tourist resort in Chengdu with their 3-year-old daughter, when she accidentally pushed a bottle of liquid soap to the floor.

Two small cracks appeared at the bottom of the bottle.
The shop owner, who was identified as Zhou, demanded that they pay 25 Yuan ($3.90) for the damaged item.

The parents, Xiao and her husband Si, refused to pay, and argued that the shop owner was forcing them to buy a product they didn’t want.

When they tried to leave, the shop owner stopped them. The couple eventually managed to get out of the store without their daughter.

The store owner assumed that the couple would come back with the money and take their daughter, but that never happened.

The shop owner called the police. According to the store owner, police told her to be patient as the parents will surely be back “because no one abandons their child in such a manner.”

However, when the woman wanted to close her shop and the girl was still inside, she called police again and they came to pick up the child.

Police said that when they finally managed to reach the parents, they said that they were too tired, and then hung up the phone.

Police officers eventually drove to the couple’s home and dropped off the girl. The parents were not charged with a crime as their actions were not illegal.

After the story went viral on social media, many people called for social services to take the child away from her parents. Xiao defended her actions by saying that she wanted to teach her daughter a lesson.