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Teacher forces 4-year-old boy to unclog toilet with his hands because he used too much toilet paper

By Mason White 11:31 AM December 4, 2015
Toilet illustration 

By: Chan Yuan
A teacher in Florida, is being investigated after allegedly forcing a young boy to unclog a toilet with his bare hands because he used too much toilet paper.

Officials of the Rymfire Elementary School, said that the are investigating the teacher of the 4-year-old boy after forcing the son of Tiffany Huffman to clean the dirty toilet.

When the boy came home on Monday, he told Huffman what the teacher had forced him to do.

Huffman immediately called the teacher who admitted to forcing the boy to unclog the toilet with his bare hands in order to teach him a lesson about toilet paper use.

The teacher however, claimed that the toilet was clean.

The teacher said that the boy used too much toilet paper, and the student was forced to take the toilet paper out with his bare hands.

The school was notified, and they launched an investigation.

The teacher was not yet disciplined.