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Woman wakes up in shallow grave after fiance choked and buried her

By Mason White 11:06 AM December 4, 2015
Gwilym Stacey and Keith Hughes 

By: Chan Yuan
A man in the United Kingdom, is facing life in prison for choking of his fiancee until she passed out, thinking that she was dead.

39-year-old Keith Hughes of Wales, who is a bodybuilder, was found guilty of attempted murder.

Gwilym Stacey, 34, told the court that she was unconscious before she woke up and found herself in a shallow grave covered with branches and leaves.

Stacey managed to crawl out of the grave and called police. When police arrested Hughes, he said: “You’ll never find her body.” He was shocked to learn that she was still alive.

The Swansea Crown Court heard that the couple began arguing while on a hike on a coastal path at Caswell Bay in South Wales.

Hughes said that they got into a shouting match, and they both said horrible things to each other.

Hughes claims that Gwilym started hitting him, and he grabbed her to calm her down. He grabbed her by the neck, and she lost consciousness and fell.

Hughes said: “I panicked and thought about what I have done. I did not intend to kill her.” However, instead of calling for help, he buried the woman in the shallow grave.

“I felt very bad about what I had done. I thought she was dead so I just left,” he told the court. He now faces life in prison at sentencing.