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Man places dog and kennel on stove and burns it as punishment

By Mason White 11:28 AM December 6, 2015
Bradley Boley 

By: Tanya Malhotra
(Scroll down for video) A man was sentenced to prison for viciously burning his puppy as punishment for biting him.

61-year-old Bradley Boley of Dallas, Texas, was convicted of animal cruelty for punishing his 2-month-old Chihuahua by putting it in a kennel and burning it.

The court heard that Boley was angry because the puppy bit him, and as punishment, he hit the puppy before burning it.

Boley placed the kennel and the puppy on the stove and turned it on. Boley’s friend and neighbor Jerrod Foote, heard the desperate cries of the puppy and ran to Boley’s house to help it.

Foote convinced Boley to take the charred puppy to a veterinary clinic. Unfortunately, it was too late. A veterinarian testified that the puppy named Buddy, had burns on 100 percent of its body.

Boley denied turning on the stove and he blamed the dog, saying it burned itself.

“I do not know how else to explain it,” Boley told detectives. Boley said that the chihuahua must have put its paw through the kennel and turned the stove on.

Boley admitted that his stove was equipped with security knobs that had to be pressed to be turned on.

A jury rejected Boley’s defense, and he was found guilty of animal cruelty and sentenced him to 15 months in prison.