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50-year-old woman gets permission to die because she didn’t want to grow old and ugly

By Mason White 6:37 PM December 6, 2015
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By: Feng Qian
A 50-year-old woman who refused life-saving treatments, was given permission to die, according to court documents in the United Kingdom.

The woman, who was not identified, petitioned the court to be allowed to die by refusing life-saving treatment for kidney failure because she didn’t want to grow, old, ugly and poor.

The woman who suffers from kidney failure, told doctors that she would rather die than lose her love of the good life she was used to living.

After a court battle, the panel of judges allowed the woman to stop treatment for kidney failure against the wishes of doctors.

She was said to have been a reckless spender and heavy drinker. The woman is a mother of three children. The woman’s glamorous lifestyle collapsed last year, after being diagnosed with breast cancer.

She refused chemotherapy because it could make her fat. After a failed suicide attempt, she suffered acute renal failure and liver damage.

Doctors at the King’s College Hospital in London, told her that there was a strong chance she would recover if she underwent dialysis.

If the woman stops treatment, she will die in about 10 days.

Doctors asked the court for permission to forcefully treat the woman, but the judges denied their request.