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Lunch lady fired after liking photo on Facebook showing guide dog wearing burqa

By Mason White 6:23 PM December 6, 2015
Nita O’Dell and the dog 

By: Tanya Malhotra
A school lunch lady is devastated after losing the job she worked at for 21 years for “liking” a Facebook post.

Nita O’Dell of England, was shocked to be branded a racist after “liking” the photo, which showed a dog wearing a burqa on Facebook.

The caption underneath the photo read: “Guide dog for a Muslim woman. It’s called a Barka.”

O’Dell, who has seven grandchildren, was called into the director’s office of the Billesley Primary School in Birmingham, after a screenshot of her Facebook page was sent to the school by someone, who was not identified.

The 54-year-old woman was fired for misconduct and she lost an appeal against the decision.

O’Dell is devastated over the loss of her job as she is the sole provider for her family. Her husband is too ill to work. Choking back tears, O’Dell said: “I am not a racist. There is not a racist bone in my body.”

As a matter of fact, O’Dell’s sister-in-law is a Muslim, her best friend whom she has known since they were 2-years-old, is of mixed race. “Our family consists of different cultures,” she said.

“I just thought the picture was funny and ‘liked’ it. A lot of other people ‘liked’ it too,” she added.