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Priest stoned to death by monkeys

By Mason White 11:32 AM December 6, 2015
A monkey on the roof 

By: Mahesh Sarin
(Scroll down for video) Police are demanding forest department officials capture monkeys that stoned a priest to death.

Police in India, said that the priest was stoned to death by monkeys while he was sweeping the porch of his home in Patna.

The monkeys were perched on the roof of the house when they began throwing bricks and it hit the priest while he was sweeping the floor.

After the attack, Mishra was rushed to a hospital by his family, but he died of his wounds.

Police wanted an autopsy to be performed on the body, but the family refused for religious reasons.

Official Mirchai Gali said that the priest was the third person killed by the monkeys. In earlier incidents, the monkeys threw stones at women and children.

Police have now ordered forest department officials and the Patna Municipal Corporation to work together to apprehend the monkeys and turn them over to the Sanjay Gandhi Biological Park.

So far, the monkeys are still on the loose.