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Mother allows 3-year-old son to live as girl after he tried to cut off his private parts with scissors

By Mason White 6:13 PM December 7, 2015
Kerry McFadyen 

By: Mahesh Sarin
A mother said that she knew her son was uncomfortable in his own skin after he attempted to cut off his private parts.

32-year-old Kerry McFadyen of Cairngorms, Scotland, found her 3-year-old son Daniel, in the bathroom trying to cut off his manhood so that he can be a girl, according to his mother.

His parents said that they had to make the difficult decision to let Daniel live as a girl named Danni. He is believed to be the youngest child in the United Kingdom, to live as a transgender.

McFadyen and her husband Craig, 34, took their daughter to her doctor for advice and they were sent to the Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust in Leeds, where Daniel was diagnosed with gender dysphoria.

Since he has been able to live as a girl, she is much happier. Danni tells other children that she has a girl’s head and a boy’s body.

In an attempt to raise awareness of the condition, McFadyen set up a Facebook page called “My Transgender Child,” to tell Danni’s story and to help other parents who may be struggling with a similar situation to share their experiences.