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Man dumps hot French fries on former wife before stealing her purse

By Mason White 2:45 PM December 8, 2015
French fries illustration 

By: Wayne Morin
A man was arrested on a charge of theft after stealing his former wife’s purse and assaulting her at a restaurant, police in Canada said.

Now, 25-year-old David Birch of Timmins, has been sentenced to serve four months in jail after being convicted of theft in connection with the incident that unfolded around 3:30 a.m.

According to the police investigation, Birch entered the restaurant, where he found his former wife, who was not identified.

Birch began talking with her despite an outstanding order of protection. The two had a heated discussion, before the woman asked Birch hold two plates of French fries.

Later, Birch threw one plate of fried on his former wife. He then stole her purse and fled from the scene. The purse contained the woman’s valuables, including bank cards and house keys.

Birch was caught by police, and he was ordered to return the stolen items to its owner.