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Mother abuses toddler and pulls her hair out for crying on airplane

By Mason White 10:58 AM December 8, 2015
Samantha Leialoha Watanabe 

By: Wayne Morin
While many people get annoyed when other people’s kids cry during a flight, one mother went too far to discipline her daughter for crying.

Samantha Leialoha Watanabe of Honolulu, Hawaii, was accused of physically and verbally assaulting her 15-month-old daughter on a flight to Honolulu from Anchorage, Alaska.

Passengers and flight attendants aboard the Alaska Airlines flight told police that the girl, who was identified as Clementine, was “generally well-behaved.”

However, when she cried, Watanabe pushed, slapped and pulled out her hair from her daughter’s head while trying to get her to stop crying.

One passenger saw Watanabe cursing at her daughter, smacking her on the head, hitting her with a stuffed animal and pinching her as she cried, according to court documents.

Another passenger told the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) that Watanabe got a wad of cash and placed it inside her daughter’s diaper.

Alaska State Trooper Brian Miller, who was traveling with his family on vacation, told the court that Watanabe pulled out pieces of Clementine’s hair and threw them on the floor.

Watanabe appeared to be under the influence of a drug, according to a criminal complaint filed by the FBI.

Watanabe was charged with misdemeanor assault. Her bail was set at $10,000 after she agreed to enter residential drug treatment.