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Thief takes time to save life of goldfish after smashing its bowl during burglary

By Mason White 1:03 PM December 8, 2015
Quinn, West, and Parc with the fish 

By: Chan Yuan
A thief with a bit of a conscience, saved the life of a pet goldfish while burglarizing a home in England.

Lance McGill, 49, and his wife Monica, 47, said that someone broke into their home and stole many items, but saved the life of the goldfish during the robbery.

The couple was devastated when a laptop was taken from their home in Wollaton, Nottingham, which had pictures of their children on it.

The thief broke into the house while the family was not home, and broke the family’s fishbowl in the process. The thief made sure that the goldfish named Freddie, was safe.

The fish was placed in the kitchen sink and it was filled with water.

The family is now appealing to the thief to return their photos and have offered a reward of £300 ($450).

The couple said that they are not asking for all the stolen items back as they just want the pictures.

Monica McGill said that she took a lot of photos of her son since he was born 6 years ago, and all the photos are stored on the computer.

Monica McGill said that she is not even asking the thief to return her computer, she just wants the thief to burn the photos onto a disk and return that to her so she can have the precious photos of her children.

Her children, Quinn, 10, West, 8, and Parc, 6, were happy to see their fish alive.