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Drunk priest caught having sex with prostitutes in his car

By Mason White 3:34 AM December 10, 2015
Priest illustration 

By: Tanya Malhotra
A drunk priest was arrested on a charge of prostitution after allegedly being caught having sex with two prostitutes, police in Australia said.

St. Kilda police said that they have arrested John Day, after being caught in a car naked with two prostitutes.

He was dragged to the police station, but he was not charged with a crime as Christian police officers refused to pursue charges against one of their own, the child abuse royal commission has heard.

According to the police investigation, three police officers stopped the car because it drove very close to the sidewalk.

The driver was a known prostitute identified as Hazel. There was another prostitute in the back seat. Day had his head resting on Hazel and his feet on the other prostitute.

Day was wearing his priest collar, but his pants were on the floor. They also found an empty bottle of whiskey on the floor.

The priest was very drunk and had to be dragged to the police station. The priest wasn’t charged with a crime, and he was later picked up by two colleagues.

When the sergeant was asked why the priest wasn’t charged, he said that Christians look out for other Christians. 15 people have made allegations of sexual abuse against Day.

Day was never prosecuted.