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Man forces 5-year-old girl to eat her own vomit because she ate too much food

By Mason White 6:40 PM December 10, 2015
Todd Brisebois 

By: Mahesh Sarin
A man was arrested after being accused of regularly abusing his girlfriend’s daughter.

28-year-old Todd Brisebois of Florida, was arrested after allegedly forcing his girlfriend’s daughter to eat her own vomit.

Brisebois was charged with child abuse after he was accused of beating the girl with a rubber hose and waking her up at night to punish her.

The girl told her biological father about the abuse she suffered.

The girl of Orlando, told her father that when she ate too much food and vomited at the dinner table, Brisebois forced her to eat it.

When she protested about the vile taste, he ordered her to swallow it while threatening to beat her with the hose, which he did when she would not finish eating the vomit.

According to the arrest report, the girl said “Mr. Todd” punished her by waking her up in the middle of the night and forcing her to do push-ups until her legs were sore.

She also said that he once pushed her face into the bed until she could not breathe.

The child’s parents have shared custody. The father reported the abuse to the Department of Children and Families, but they never responded to his allegations.

The father then began recording his daughter talking about the abuse she was suffering at the hands of “Mr. Todd,” and he gave the videos to police after finding marks on his daughter’s back.

The girl’s mother said that the charges were fabricated so that the father of the girl could get full custody of her.

The mother told police that the girl came home from her father’s house with the marks on her back. When police asked why she didn’t report the possible abuse, she “was unable to give a response,” according to the police report.

Brisebois was released from the Orange County Jail on bail, and was ordered to have no contact with the girl. The girl is now in the care of her father as police continue their investigation.