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Woman accidentally released from jail after posing as cellmate with same last name

By Mason White 11:48 AM December 11, 2015
Jessica Davis (left) and Chanda Davis 

By: Feng Qian
A woman managed to free herself from jail after posing as her cellmate who was released on her own recognizance, police in South Carolina said.

The Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office said that 31-year-old Jessica Davis posed as 25-year-old Chanda Davis, who was charged with shoplifting.

Jessica Davis was taken to a judge who released her on her own recognize, believing that she was Chanda Davis. The court and officers did not check her identity, and Jessica Davis was released.

When officers realized their error, Jessica Davis was recaptured.

Jessica Davis was also arrested for shoplifting, but she had an outstanding shoplifting charge and wasn’t eligible to be released on her own recognizance.

Police launched an investigation as to why Jessica Davis’ identity was not checked before she was released. The officers who were involved in her release, claimed that the two women looked similar.